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Equality Objectives Statement and Action Plan 2023/24-Delius

Equality Objectives Statement and Action Plan


Policy details

Date created - September 2022

Date reviewed - September 2023

Next review date - September 2024

Equality Objectives Statement

At Co-op Academy Delius we are committed to promoting equality and diversity and preventing discrimination. We aim to provide an inclusive environment for all where individuals are able to develop to their full potential. It is a priority within the academy that all stakeholders are able to engage in the full academy offer and differentiation and the removal of barriers promotes this for all. Importance is given to not only eliminating discrimination but also promoting and increasing understanding and appreciation for diversity within the academy and the wider community.

We welcome our duties under the Equality Act 2010. The academy’s general duties, with regards to equality are:

● Eliminating discrimination

● Fostering good relationships

● Advancing equality of opportunity.


                  Changes within KCSIE 2022 in regards to equality and highlighted below:

Equality legislation The guidance sets out the significance of the Equality Act 2010 to school safeguarding, including that schools and colleges:

• must not unlawfully discriminate against pupils because of their protected characteristics

• must consider how they are supporting pupils with protected characteristics

• must take positive action, where proportionate, to deal with the disadvantages these pupils face. For example, by making reasonable adjustments for disabled children and supporting girls if there is evidence they are being disproportionately subjected to sexual violence or harassment.

It also looks at the implications of the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) for education settings. This includes a need to be conscious that pupils with protected characteristics may be more at risk of harm and integrate this into safeguarding policies and procedures.

Co-op Academy Delius will promote all aspects of equality inline with school safeguarding procedures and policy.  

We will not discriminate against, harass or victimise any pupil, prospective pupil, or other member of the school community because of their:

● Sex

● Age

● Race

● Disability

● Religion or belief

● Sexual orientation

● Gender reassignment

● Pregnancy or maternity

● Marriage and civil partnership


At Co-op Academy Delius we follow a number of guiding principles within our


        ● All learners are of equal value

● We recognise and respect difference and diversity

● We foster positive attitudes and relationships, and a shared sense of cohesion and belonging ● We observe good equalities practice in staff recruitment, retention and development

● We aim to reduce and remove inequalities and barriers that already exist

● We consult and involve widely

● Society as a whole should benefit.

Our aims to eradicate discrimination and promote cohesion

We are committed to equality both as an employer and a service-provider and aim to:

• Ensure that everyone is treated fairly and with respect.

• Make sure that our academy is a safe, happy and inclusive learning environment for all.

• Recognise that individuals have different needs, and we understand that treating people        

  equally does not always involve treating them all exactly the same.

Promote an understanding and acceptance of diversity and its benefits.

• Recognising some pupils, families and colleagues require extra support to help them

  to achieve and be successful.

• Make sure that all stakeholders are consulted and involved in decision making.

• Make sure that no-one experiences harassment, less favourable treatment or discrimination.

Be compassionate and open minded.

We are committed to ensuring the curriculum delivered to our pupils includes concepts that are fair and equal and which promotes acceptance of others, inclusivity and prevents discrimination. We will also respect the right of parents to withdraw their children from certain classes which pose conflicts to their own beliefs, where such withdrawal is legally permitted.

Equality Objectives Statement and Action Plan 2021-2022 2

Dealing with prejudice and discrimination

We do not tolerate any form of prejudice-related incident. If an incident occurs, we are devoted to ensuring action is taken and a resolution is put into place which is both firm, fair, appropriate and proportionate.

Our pupils are taught and supported to understand how to be:

● understanding of others

● to celebrate each other's cultural diversity

● to endeavour to reach their full potential

● to include each other in all aspects of school life.

● aware of what discriminatory behaviour is.

Our staff members and multi agency colleagues will not:

● discriminate against any member of the school community

● treat other members of the school community unfairly

● treat any members of our wider school community unfairly

Our staff members and multi agency colleagues will:

● promote diversity and equality

● encourage and adopt an inclusive attitude

● lead by example

Equality and diversity in the workplace

We do not discriminate against staff with regards to their:

● Age

● Disability

● Gender reassignment

● Marital or civil partner status

● Pregnancy or maternity

● Race

● Religion or belief

● Sex

● Sexual orientation

(this is not an exhaustive list)

Equality of opportunity and non-discrimination extends to the treatment of all members of the school and wider school community. All staff members are obliged to act in accordance with the school’s policies relating to equality.

We will guarantee that no redundancy is the result of direct or indirect prejudice. All disciplinary procedures are non-prejudicial, whether they result in warnings, dismissal, or any other disciplinary action.

Prejudice is not tolerated and we are continuously working to maintain and grow an accepting and respectful environment for our school community.

Equality Objectives Statement and Action Plan 2020-2021 3

The school participates in an annual consultation with staff and parents through the ‘Your Voice’ survey, conducted on behalf of the school by the Trust. This is a good opportunity for interested parties in consulting with and taking the views of the community we serve.

The Co-op Academies Trust circulates regular ‘Pulse’ surveys of staff on current matters and significant findings are reported back to the leadership teams of the academies within the Trust where applicable.

Parents and carers are asked to complete a feedback form at the time of their student’s Annual Review of their Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP).

This document should be read in conjunction with the Co-op Academies Trust Equality, Inclusion and Diversity Policy 2015(as reviewed) and Dignity at Work Policy And the Co-op Academy Southfield Accessibility Policy and Plan 2020-2021.

Equality Objectives Action Plan 2023-2024 


Identified concern:

To embed equality, diversity and inclusion into the curriculum enabling all pupils to have equal access to a curriculum which meets their academic and holistic needs whilst teaching skills and knowledge which incorporate diversity and equality.  

Objective & Aim

The objective and aim is to allow equal access to all areas of learning irrespective of need through an appropriately implemented programme of learning.  



Success criteria:

  • To ensure all aspects of the learning ladder allow pupils to engage in learning
  • Pathway leads to ensure they scrutinise use and implementation of the learning ladder at pathway and individual pupil levels.
  • Learning ladder allows all pupils to progress learning and is implemented within the lesson planning
  • Pupils have access to inclusive learning environments within our learning campus to ensure stretch and challenge as appropriate.
  • Curriculum diversity allows all pupils to access a broad and balanced curriculum celebrating our community and British values
  • To complete the anti racist accreditation mark and use learning to inform practice

  • Pathway lead
  • Class Teachers
  • Curriculum lead

All pupils are able to progress against their PLG and curriculum targets in a fair but challenging learning environment.

All pupils are engaged in a cohesive community environment that embraces local and national cultures.



Identified concern:

To develop pupil engagement with reading in fostering a love of books at all levels in both their current and future learning.

Objective & Aim

The objective and aim is to inspire a love of reading for all pupils irrespective of pupils’ backgrounds and special education needs and/or disabilities.



Success criteria:

  • Core texts embedded throughout the curriculum for each Key Stage (EYFS, Lower Primary, Upper Primary) linked to the topics of our 4 Year Long Term Curriculum Plan.
  • A Reading for Pleasure Book Spine designed and embedded in each class
  • At Co-op Academy Delius, every classroom has a reading area and a bookcase. Children can access this reading area to choose a story, either independently or supported by an adult.

  • Each class also has a time to share a story together on their daily timetable.

  • We have developed a ‘Reading for Pleasure Book Spine’ for the academy. This is a selection of high-quality books and story experiences purposefully chosen to expose our pupils to the wonders of the literary world and to further engage them in stories and a love of reading.

  • Each of our five pathways (Rockets, Galaxies, Meteors, Comets, and Astronauts) have a specific selection of stories to suit the cognitive needs of the pupils in these pathways and these are further adapted into stories for Lower Primary classes and Upper Primary classes.

  • Stories have been chosen to make sure our pupils become familiar with a range of high quality books which help to form our country’s literary tradition. The stories have also been chosen from a diverse range of authors with a wide range of main characters that reflect our school community and the heritage and culture of our city.

  • The book spines have been designed so that a number of familiar books will ‘travel’ with the pupils as they move through the school, taking a favourite story with them as they transition to the next stage of their educational journey.

  • Our book spines will be reviewed at the end of each year and pupils will have the fullest opportunity to tell us what they think and make some suggestions!
  • Pupils will take home a book or reading experience each week from the library to share at home.
  • Parents will have access to opportunities to learn how to teach their children to read - either phonics or engaging in sensory stories via school sessions or videos on Class Dojo.
  • English as an additional language will be considered when supporting families to share books with their children.

  • Curriculum Lead
  • Pathway Lead
  • Class Teachers

Pupil reading progress across the academy continues to improve.

Pupil engagement in stories is increased.

Pupils will read at home with parents more often.



Identified concern:

To review levels of parental engagement in learning and school life, across all activities to ensure equity and fairness in access and engagement.

Objective & Aim

To allow all parents/carers to feel valued and involved in Co-op Academy Delius life and events. To add value not just to their child's education but to their own personal development.


  • To review the role of our PIO (parental involvement officer)
  • To enhance the level of parental engagement across all multi cultural levels.
  • To develop a parental engagement programme that embraces all multi cultures within the school population.
  • To allow all parent/cares irrespective of culture to feel part of and engaged in Co-op Academy Delius life and events
  • To have all languages accessible within our parent/carer documentation where appropriate.
  • To complete the anti racist accreditation mark and use learning to inform practice


Success Criteria

  • Headteacher and SLT
  • Class Teachers
  • PIO

To ensure that all parents irrespective of culture have the opportunity to engage with school life and to contribute. Ensuring they have the opportunity to celebrate, achieve and develop not just personal skills and knowledge but to enhance their pupils' engagement in learning at home.