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Welcome to

Co-op Academy Delius

We believe we should all have an equal chance to succeed.

Our Vision and Values

We can achieve more by working together, rather than as individuals

Our Community

Welcome to

Co-op Academy Delius

At Co-op Academy Delius we strive to provide a personalised, ambitious and challenging curriculum with the highest of expectations where pupils are given a voice and are encouraged to be independent and actively participate in their education.

A Warm Welcome
From our Headteacher

Emma Hardaker, Headteacher

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Co-op Academy Delius. I have had the privilege of being the Headteacher of this fantastic academy since September 2021. 20 years of working within special education has provided me with the commitment and drive to provide the highest quality of education, environment and experiences for the exceptional pupils who attend the academy. The highly skilled and dedicated staff team I work with at Co-op Academy Delius are passionate about supporting our pupils, and each other and we recognise the importance of working in partnership with parents and other professionals as well as enhancing our links in our local community and beyond.

Our School Overview





​​​​​​​What do people say?

Thank you so much for the opportunity to come into Delius and show the children what I do for work for Jobs Week. Every single session was amazing with excellent engagement in something different which surprised me to be honest. I'll take away lots of proud and fond memories from today. It was an absolute privilege to give something back to an amazing school with amazing staff and children so thank you again to every single person who continues to help my child and all the children for that matter, to develop daily.


Music in Delius School is flourishing and thoroughly integrated throughout the curriculum and daily school life. Students are given lots of opportunities to experience and explore music and instruments and it is evident how much confidence they gain from this in many areas of their lives. They obviously really enjoy their music and welcome opportunities to share their results. I look forward to seeing the Delius School performance at Music Spectacular

Assistant Head of Service at the Bradford Music Education Hu

Delius is definitely a model of best practice in regards to career delivery / provision across the Trust.

Jo Sykes

It was really humbling to see the effort all your staff put into making Delius a supportive and welcoming place for everyone who goes there.

Gemma Wroe

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