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Stunning Start

At the beginning of every term & topic, we have a Stunning Start where lots of different learning opportunities are provided to get us excited about our new topic! This also gives our teachers the opportunity to assess pupils current knowledge, to guide their planning.

The Immersive Suite was turned into a digital drawing experience, where we could see our artwork projected big, and draw with our whole bodies!

The Sensory Room is where we got to experiment with UV paints! We worked hard to communicate our choices and comment on others' artwork.

In the Music & Drama room we were moving to all kinds of different music, from practicing our line dancing to ballet! We even had all the costumes to get really into character too!

It was noisy in the cooking room for ‘sounds of the kitchen’ - where pupils were practicing their music skills using everyday kitchen objects!

We had 2 artists from The Children’s School of Art come into school to create the most fabulous piece of Art!

Our children collaborated with one another, staff and The Children’s Art School to create an abstract sculptural landscape combining the two artist references of Henry Moore and David Hockney, both born in West Yorkshire!

Our children each created individual elements of the landscape using boxes as fields, and cones and organic shapes as the trees and plants! We explored shapes, colour, pattern and texture, in a range of processes including painting, printing, cutting, sticking, tying and knotting!

Our children were able to express themselves with their chosen materials and were free to play & explore!

I think you can agree they have made something that makes you stop and say “WOW!”

Our topics this term are:
- EYFS: Colour - which is your favourite colour?
- Lower Primary: Create & Express - how do you express yourself?
- Upper Primary: Art & Sculpture - what is art?