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Attendance is monitored each half term and parents and families are supported to have attendance above 95%.

Co-op Academy Delius expects good attendance (95%+) but we are very aware that for a number of reasons, mainly health a large number of our pupils cannot reach our school targets.

Pupils may have individual attendance targets which are detailed in their attendance action plan. These are agreed by parent/carers in conjunction with the Deputy Head Teacher.

The school target for the year is 91%, this takes in to consideration pupils who attendance on the whole will be well below this average.

If you have any questions

We will support families with attendance issues, with regular attendance meetings, education welfare support and home tuition (if absent for more than 5 consecutive days).

For more help and information on attendance please contact Rob Cameron, Deputy Headteacher

If your child is ill or won’t be able to attend school

Parents and carers should contact the school (telephone or email or letter) explaining why their child is absent or ill and the likely duration of the absence. This is recorded daily giving the reasons and monitored by the DHT with required actions minuted. Information is shared with other key staff and professionals for subsequent actions to be followed up.

If a pupil is ill for more than three days, the Pupils Administrator will contact the parent or carers every other day to make sensitive enquiries about the pupil’s health and likely return to school, and give any assistance they can. This is monitored by DHT, a member of the Safeguarding team, or the Home Tuition lead, as appropriate. and actions taken as appropriate.